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Planning for Younger Child Learning
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Planning for our children under 3s is a vital part of our service. To ensure that positive outcomes for children under 3 are achieved we use the Scottish Executives Pre- Birth to three guidelines to promote and support the rights of the child, respect, relationships and responsive care. Our aim is to give our youngest children a foundation on which to build and support them at this early stage in their learning journey. The guidelines focus on four key areas to promote learning and development for children aged 0-3. These are:

  • Emotional Well Being and Social Competence
  • Curiosity
  • Communication
  • Movement & Co-ordination
  • Five to Thrive
  • Schematic Play


The curriculum we offer will be accessible to all children, each child’s needs shall be included in the curriculum planning and they will have access to all learning experiences. We also focus on where each child’s individual interest is scaffolded by staff.