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Electronic Learning Journals Pilot Scheme

We are hoping to introduce electronic learning journals where your child’s observations,planning, photographs and their learning journey will be recorded. The under 3 playrooms will also be able to upload your child’s daily diary on eating,sleep and nappy changes; this will be sent to you every day.

To receive this information parents require an android phone (IPhone or a Samsung), everyone receives their own unique log in and password this is a security measure, no one else can access your child’s profile. The company are giving us a 30 day trial period, once all staff are trained on the programme I will be asking 16 parents to help us pilot the programme, if you are willing to take part please speak to Karen or Marilyn and we will add your name to the company’s register. This will replace your child’s red folder in the corridor. You will also be able to upload information or photographs of your child’s learning  and fun at home.